My Story

Personal Profile

My aim as a professional is to utilize and grow my wide range of both technical and soft skills that are being obtained from my academic and self-paced studies, paid and volunteering roles, and social engagement & interactions. My drive is to engage, develop, and promote socially responsible businesses and organizations while achieving personal growth. I am passionate about creating positive change through innovative products, solutions, and/or methodologies; in addition to the creation of more awareness about issues that are usually ignored; In particular, issues related to people who are vulnerable and disadvantaged.


I began my professional journey in my home country Syria, but because of the war, I had to flee and be a refugee for 4 years. I have arrived into Australia in 2016 and have since worked on a number of solo and collaborative projects and studied multiple degrees including Biomedical Engineering and Marketing. I take pride in all that I do and in the long-term relationships I’ve fostered in the process. I firmly believe that hard work eventually pays off, and I know that each day brings me closer to reaching my goals.