Over the past 4 years, I have worked on various types of technical, social, and business projects to enhance my skills and apply my knowledge to solve real-life issues.

UOW B-MED Society enable Mohammad Zoubai

e-NABLE Phoenix Hand

e-NABLE is a global network of volunteers with an aim to make prosthesis accessible to everyone through 3D printing and simple assemblies.
As the co-founder and the leader of the e-NABLE chapter at UOW, my role was to ensure that the case was contacted, the measurements were taken, the manufacturing was carried out, and the hand was assembled correctly. I have worked with a team of 12 other students to achieve this project. The design was provided by e-NABLE with minor adjustments done by us.

ACES Mohammad Zoubai Bioink.jpg

3D Coaxial Bioprinter

I was lucky to be accepted as a summer intern at ACES Center of Excellence for Electromaterial Science. My role was to assemble then design experiments to characterize a prototype of a 3D bioprinter and its bio-ink. In addition, I had to document my work and provide a technical report at the end of the internship.

Proposed design of a wearable stress-monitoring device

Wearable Stress Monitoring Device

As part of one of my academic subjects, I have teamed up with three other students to make a biomedical device. We have decided that a solution is needed to combat the modern stressful lifestyle. Therefore, we have proposed a design for a wearable device that can monitor stress levels. My roles was the to design the electronics and to come up with a parts' list of what is needed to manufacture the device. (Picture courtesy of Geetika Madiralla).

iUnivative 2018 Team Experto


iUnivative is a 3-months program that pairs an interdisciplinary team of students with an organization to solve a business problem. My team of 6 was paired with Mercer Australia and our task was to find a way to allow more employees to fit in the same physical space without compromising comfort and well-being. My role was to propose and make a case for the usage of an agile desk arrangement and a desk occupation monitoring system.

Mohammad Zoubai Fitness Device (2).jpg

Fitness Device Prototype

As part of an course called Real Time Bluetooth Networks in collaboration with the University of Texas at Austin, I have programmed a Real Time Operating System (RTOS) then deployed it on an assembled kit of micro controllers and sensors.

Mohammad Zoubai six bar mechanism.jpg

Six-Bar Gravity Balancing Mechanism

As part of my summer internship at UOW, I had to design, model, analyze, and part-locate a gravity- balancing six-bar mechanism to be used in biomedical applications.

Levant 2 Australia Logo

Levant 2 Australia Webstore

I have created this store for two reasons: 1) To practically apply my business and marketing skills. 2) To have another small income to support me while studying.

I and my brother have designed the store's UX, media, social media pages, and content from scratch. We have sourced suppliers and managed, legals, financials, and advertising by ourselves.