My Soft Skills

Pressure handling and multitasking

Developed through six years of doing professional paid work in the retail and customer service industries, volunteering, and studying; all concurrently.

Communication, cultural awareness, and customer service

These skills were obtained by working in the social services industry and as a salesman/ assistant manager at multiple stores/organizations; working as an interpreter for a year, and volunteering for the university and community organizations.

Strategic Planning, Management, and leadership

I was able to develop these skills by working as an assistant store manager for two years overseas, working as student leader, as well as being an NDIS support coordinator.


Developed through my academic studies, my engagement in both extracurricular activities on campus and community organization as well as my professional work

Critical analysis, creative thinking, and problem solving

Developed through encountering real-world challenges and working on multiple projects during my professional work and engineering/commerce studies.

Arabic Language

Highly proficient, my first language.

My Technical Skills

Accountant Records

Familiarity With International and Australian Standards Related to Biomedical Engineering


ISO13485 (Quality Management Systems), ISO14971 (Application of Risk), IEC60601 & ISO80801 (Electrical safety), IEC62353 (Post-maintenance electrical safety), IEC62304 (Software lifecycle), ISO8827 & ISO14708 (Implants for Surgery), ISO10933 (Biomedical Evaluation), and ISO14117 (Active Implantable Medical Devices).

Laptop Writing

Modelling, Programming, and Simulation


I can effectively use 3D CAD/CAM software to design parts and 3D models, produce engineering drawings, document, animations, and simulation of the given designs then produce the relevant CAM file; I can write code and implement algorithms (OO, AI, NN, and functional low/high level programming) in C, C++, MATLAB, Python, and Java.

industry machine

Hardware operation and manufacturing techniques


I can operate 3D printers, Laser engravers, and CNC machines; implement systems using circuits, microcontrollers and electromechanical parts; use different power tools and measurement devices (ECG, EMG, etc.).

Casual Business Meeting

Organizational Management & Communication


I can work with multi-disciplinary teams as a supervisor or a subordinate and communicate effectively both verbally and in writing using professional language and appropriate business terminology. I can use Microsoft project, accounting software such as MYOB and Freshbooks, and the whole Microsoft Office suit.

Digital social media

Digital Marketing


I can create and manage ad campaigns in Google Ads and Facebook Business Manager. I can also create awareness via the utilization of SEM, SEO, and content marketing. Also, I am familiar with E-commerce platforms such as Shopify and Wix. I am an adequate user of Adobe Photoshop for photo editing and Davinci Resolve for video editing.

Legal Research and Writing

Research and Analytics


I have a strong scientific background with a thorough understanding of the main aspects research, analysis, forecasting, budgeting, and statistics. Also, I have strong data science background (programming and AI) and I can produce technical documents.